Business Reg No : 53184945K

Business Reg No : 53184945K

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mother's Day Promotion Package

Fancy-flower Services is a new one-stop local florist.We provide 24/7 island-wide flower delivery service and the following that include Hand Bouquets - (Valentine's Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulatory, ROM, etc.) Wedding flowers & Decoration, Corsages, Sales of all kinds of flowers for all occasions, hampers for all occasions, Customized flowers Arrangement, etc.. Being one of the most preferred Singapore florists, we will continue to provide our customers with quality packages, prompt delivery services and friendly customer service.

Package A (Melts in your heart)

- Carnations Hand Bouquet (Pink, Red, Yellow or White)
- A box of Heart Shape Chocolate

- $55

Package B (Tender Loving Care)

- Carnation & Gerberas Hand Bouquet (Mixed Colors)
- Complementary item: perfume, 6 bottles of chicken essence etc.
- $75

Package C ( You are my sunshine)

- Hand Bouquet (Sunflowers)
- 6 Bottles of Bird Nest/ Ferrero Rocher Box Chocolate
- $95

Alternatively, any other hand-bouquet orders are welcome too!

Order NOW via:
Alvin @ 9752 7572 or Fabien @ 9882 1258, 81898190

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Red Roses' Bouquets

Ting of Innocence Hand Bouquet

Roseeta Hand Bouquet

99 Roses (98 Red1 White at the Center) Hand Bouquet

99 Red Roses Hand Bouquet (Heart Shape) Hand Bouquet

13 Inches (For you) Bear and 12 Red Roses with Pink Eustoma Hand Bouquet

12 Red Roses Posy with Baby's Breath Hand Bouquet

12 Red Roses with Long Wrapping Hand Bouquet

12 Red Roses Hand Bouquet

3 Roses with Glass Vase and Bear

White Roses's Bouquet


99 White Roses Hand Bouquet


12 White Roses with Pink Sweet William and Special decoration

10 White Roses with Ferraro Roche Hand Bouquet

10 White Roses & 10 Lollipop Candies Hand Bouquet

10 Tulips & 10 White Roses Hand Bouquet

Pink Roses' Bouquets

Mermaid Magic Hand Bouquet

Pink Obsession Hand Bouquet


Summer Heat Hand Bouquet

Love Ecstasy Hand Bouquet

Your infinite love Hand Bouquet

Blasting Bouquet



99 (98 Champagne, 1 Red) Roses Hand Bouquet

12 Sweet Pink Roses Hand Bouquet

12 Pink Roses wrapping with cordyline foliage

12 Peach & 18 Hot Pink Roses Hand Bouquet

99 (96 Peach, 3 Red) Roses Hand Bouquet

Peach Roses' Bouquets

Sweeten Up Hand Bouquet

Stunner Hand Bouquet

12 Peach Roses with Sweet William Flowers Hand Bouquet

10 Peach Roses Hand Bouquet

Blue Roses' Bouquets

Blue Clues Hand Bouquet

Blooey Blues Hand Bouquet

Beary Blue Hand Bouquet


12 Blue Roses with White Eu stoma Hand Bouquet

10 Blue Roses with 8 Ferraro Roche Hand Bouquet

Champange Roses' Bouquets

Sparkling Champagne Hand Bouquet

Rosettes Hand Bouquet

99 Champagne Roses Hand Bouquet

12 nights to love Hand Bouquet

12 Champagne Roses Hand Bouquet (Special Wrapping)

12 Champagne Roses with Cordy Line Foliage Hand Bouquet

12 Champagne Roses Hand Bouquet with special wrapping